How to Maintain Your Mental Wellbeing in the IB

by | Apr 15, 2022 | General

In times like these, where everyone is constantly talking about pandemic-related things, maintaining wellbeing has become a huge topic. If we tweeted everything we said, the top 10 trending words would no doubt be something like this list: #pandemic #covid19 #quarantine #closecontact #isolation #lockdown #regulations #FFP2 #PCR #antigen #negative… the list goes on. 10 words is far from enough to describe how much we talk about Covid-19 in our lives!

However, while it seems that everyone is placing more of a priority on keeping their physical health in check (PCR tests, anyone?), it seems that mental well-being has taken a bit of a backseat and so, today we thought we would write a quick blogpost about how to keep your spirits high for those of you that might be in a bit of a rut.

1. Sign up for a class you enjoy

It might be a Spin class, it might be Zumba… sign up for something that gets you out of the house regularly. For those of you that do remote learning, it can be really depressing to always be in the same environment. Find a reason to get out of the house and have a change of surroundings, even if it’s just once a week. P/S: it’s also an extra bonus if you can use this class to fulfil your CAS requirements.

2. Exercise!

It’s really cliché but exercise can really do wonders for you. It might be the fresh air, it might be the increased adrenaline, or just the high of raised endorphin levels… but there’s just something about the way you feel after a good run. The actual workout itself? Sure, that’s really tough. But afterwards, you normally find yourself more charged and energised. If running is not your thing, you can always try something more slow-paced like yoga or maybe a dance class if you’re into things like Salsa or Hip-hop.

3. Form a study bubble

A study bubble can help keep things dynamic as you have people to test you on facts if you need to and someone to chat with in between revising. It can also feel very isolating to study alone and you are more likely to slack off if you’re doing it in the comfort of your own home versus in a public library where the only thing you can do is study/read something. A study bubble is also a good way for you to check in on each other and maintain contact frequently. For example, you might not realize it if a friend you don’t talk to frequently is slipping into depression, but if you meet the same people once a week to revise, you would realize quickly if one of them seems a bit off and you can reach out to see what’s going on.

4. Make sure you talk, vent, rant

It can be as simple as ranting to your parents over dinner, or venting on a blog about how your CAS coordinator isn’t helping you… Make sure you have a channel where you can talk about your emotions. If your family doesn’t understand how annoying it is to be an IB student (we get it, really we do), then your friends surely will. The people around you would love to help, but only if you let them be part of the solution.

5. No fad diets

Ever heard of the saying “A hungry man is an angry man”? There is no worst time to start experimenting with things like keto diets. Your body needs you to be at 100% right now. This means proper meals, no skipping breakfast, ice-cream every now and then (or even a little bit every day if it means you feel better!). You do you.

6. Make a list of what’s going well for you

We tend to focus on the negatives in our lives but rarely the positives. Make a list of what you have going well for you. It could be levelling up to the next color in Tae Kwon Do, or your score improving in English IB… One reason rockstars feel like rockstars is because they are surrounded by adoring fans telling them they rock. Be your own IB Rockstar and own your success!

7. Words of affirmation

Do you have a favorite quote that really speaks to you? Something that motivates you and drives you to push on when you feel like you’re so tired you want to give up? Frame it, stick it, write it… whatever! Make sure you constantly see it so you give yourself that additional boost of positivity!

How would you say you’re doing right now in these crazy times? Do you want to try out more of our tips? Stay in touch with us and give us a follow on our social media channels – we frequently share tips related to success in the IB there!

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