Supporting Ukraine together with the NGO First Aid First Hand

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Help Ukraine

Ever since war broke out in Ukraine, many organizations have bonded together to amass help and resources for our neighbors in need. One such organization is First Aid First Hand – an association founded by medical and law students to help people in need.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, they are focusing on helping the Ukrainians get whatever they need. However, their vision for the organization is a long-term one, where they can continue to provide further assistance in any type of humanitarian crisis.

At the moment, First Aid First Hand is focused on facilitating transport of patients from the war zone (especially vulnerable groups such as babies, children and youths) to safe homes (either temporary or permanent). They also operate as a bridge to bring patients who are in critical condition e.g. intubated yet released by the medical team in the war zone, to a few hospitals in Germany and Austria where they continue medical treatment.

Here at Tempera Institute, we are supporting their missions through gathering donations for them as well as through the resources provided by Sigmund Freud Private University – where members of our team also teach. If you are interested in helping, they are interested in medical supplies from pharmacies, wholesalers and hospitals, as well as donations that allow them to procure the relevant medical items they need before making trips to the war zones.

Find out more about the organization here!


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