TEMPERA for MYP: Guiding Students through the best preparation for IBDP

Are you….

  • ….missing clear guidance on task execution, which affects your performance?
  • ….struggling with understanding certain assignment requirements?
  • ….lacking organization skills, therefore you procrastinate over and over?


with TEMPERA MYP Learning Lab

TEMPERA Framwork

TEMPERA Boosts your skills on:

Time Management

  • Dedicated app to manage tasks
  • Tools to manage study time
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Work with peers in a dedicated space

School Assignments

  • Personal project
  • Written assignments
  • Essay structuring
  • Difficult tasks debugged

Efficient learning

  • Active comprehension
  • Memorisation techniques
  • Repetition & Retrieval
  • Overcoming writer’s block

Exams Preparation

  • Specific structures required by IB
  • How to handle exam anxiety
  • Tips & tricks to be in the best mental shape

How it works

What our students are saying

TEMPERA helped me handle my stress better and be confident about me handing in my final work.   I gained more trust into myself planning my time and learned how to take on a large amount of work without being too overwhelmed. The team was always caring, motivating and focused.

Anna (Austria)

Brilliant people bringing out the best in students whithout causing burnout. They somehow make working and learning enjoyable, especially with the communal aspect of this group. They’ve pushed me to reach a new limit and do things I didn’t really think I could’ve done.I got 110+% my predicted grades.

Eva (Austria)

Tempera was incredibly effective, and helpful for me during my last two years of my IB Program. Tempera’s value on effective learning helped me learning smartly, and managing my time. TEMPERA team was Helpful, Understanding, Genuine, Supportive, Personal. I got 6 marks above my predicted.

Paris (Vienna)

This all sounds great, but what if…..

Why would I need your program?

During MYP students don’t (really) feel the pressure of IB. Yet.

But starting with 11th grade things change dramatically. The number and the complexity of tasks increases, draining many students off their willpower and blowing up their self-confidence. Procrastination and overwhelm take over, causing many students to acquire results way below their potential.

​Learning Lab is the place where MYP students are prepared in advance for IBDP challenges.

How would I benefit from this?

Students practice efficient learning techniques, while working on school assignments. Not only you will get help whenever you get stuck, but  you’re also guided towards learning independently. You will learn to set goals, to pursue them through planning and most of all, to take responsibility of work.

These are very important skills to have when starting 11th grade.

Students will be trained in our T.E.M.P.E.R.A Framework, that will equip them with solid skills in time management and efficient learning.

Due to the double specialisation of our staff (IB teachers and psychologists), sessions are based on psychological techniques that enhance concentration, memory, logical and critical thinking, but also coping with exam anxiety.

How would this really help me for IBDP?

We use at the core of our sessions the T.E.M.P.E.R.A Framework. It is the only framework designed for MYP and IB students that integrates Self-Regulated Learning and Metacognition. T.E.M.P.E.R.A Framework crafts mastery in time management and efficient learning. Everything while working on your current assignments!

T.E.M.P.E.R.A. creates successful independent learners!

It is crucial for MYP students to learn how to study efficiently before they enter in one of the most demanding educational program in the 11th and 12th Grade, the IBDP. When working with us the student will be ready to face the challenges of the IBDP and be a step ahead of her/his colleagues.

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