Professional tutors

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable tutors was specifically selected to guide you towards your IB success!

Proven methodology

Our tutoring methodology has been developed over years to ensure that you will receive the best material in a supportive environment!

Subject focused

Our tutoring services will enable you to quickly boos your knowledge is specific subject and effectively achieve your IB goals!

Professional IB Guidance

Subject-Specific Tutoring

We offer tutoring on all IB subjects. All our teachers are certified and highly qualified, with over 30 years of experience. Together with our dedicated team, you will be able to boost your knowledge in:  

– IB Psychology – IB English A/B – IB Math -Biology
– Chemistry – IB German A/B – IB Geography – IB Economics

The tutoring sessions can take place either in person at our institute or online. Furthermore, while most of the tutoring is done directly by us at our main office in Vienna, some subjects are offered through our partner IBWISE.

Tempera Tutoring
Tempera Tutoring Vienna

Personalized learning

The TEMPERA tutoring method

We know how the IB system works and sometimes, the tutoring on different subjects can be tricky. This is how we can help:

  • We match specific needs with the right tutor for every subject.
  • We evaluate the need for specific subject tutoring.
  • We make sure the tutoring activity will focus on the chapters where help is really needed.
  • We keep track of overall progress.
  • We oversee the entire schedule of the student and make sure not to overwhelm him or her.

Keep all your information in one place & receive tailored, professional guidance on the subjects you have a hard time mastering.

Optimise your learning

What do you get through working with us?

  • A complete coordination of all activities: school, tutoring, homework. This makes it easy for the student to have a clear idea of the workload!
  • Our private instrument, “Meta-plan Chart & Tracking System”, which allows the student to track the time thieves and manage their existing workload.
  • A weekly & monthly schedule that allows every student to know exactly what to do & when, so that all assignments are submitted in time and no deadlines are missed.

Book a free call with us and we’ll explain how everything works!

Tempera Tutoring services Vienna

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