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Our team of experienced and knowledgeable tutors was specifically selected to guide you towards your IB success!

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Our tutoring methodology has been developed over years to ensure that you will receive the best material in a supportive environment!

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Our tutoring services will enable you to quickly boos your knowledge is specific subject and effectively achieve your IB goals!

Tempera was incredibly effective, and helpful for me during my last two years of my IB Program. Tempera’s value on effective learning gave me the knowledge and understanding of learning smartly, and managing my time. TEMPERA team was Helpful, Understanding, Genuine, Supportive, Personal. I got 6 marks above my predicted.

Paris (Austria)

TEMPERA helped me to handle my stress better and be confident about me handing in my final work. I was more motivated to work as the people surrounding me were also working and always created a positive atmosphere. I enjoyed having private sessions, where I could get all my questions answered. I gained more trust into myself planning my time and learned how to take on a large amount of work without being too overwhelmed. I learned to be more open and ask all the questions I have without feeling embarrassed. The team was always caring, motivating and focused.

Anna (Austria)

I felt very at ease and supported by all members and students that were in Tempera Institute whenever a student needed a break it was easily accomplished and the members of the team always made sure students got back on track to work. There a wide variety of skills that I learnt at Tempera Institute. Specifically the way I have studied has changed as I use a particular genre of music or pen when studying a particular topic to help initiate an improved active recall. Everybody was Very kind, open, funny, and helpful.I got 5 marks over my predicted, which I am very proud and happy about.

Simon (Austria)

History was the subject I was most worried about out of all my subjects. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that I have to learn, and I did not know how to structure it properly. 

I liked that we worked on what I needed specifically, especially getting to know the different types of exams.

I started with a predicted 3 and I ended up having a 6 in my final exam!

Emma (Austria)

Before I met Ioana I was a student burdened by serial procrastination, I had no understanding of my personal learning style and no concrete place to study wherein I felt truly comfortable. Despite being a decent student, I feared I would be brought down by the looming deadlines and final IB exams. 
I discovered Ioana and TEMPERA through a friend, and entering Learning Lab was honestly one of the best decisions of my school career. I was aiming for above 40 points in the IB. Ioana was always understanding and knowledgeable about every question or fear I had. 
Working with TEMPERA has prevented me from procrastinating on my studies and I was able to figure out the areas which I needed to focus on, and work on those.
I highly recommend TEMPERA to any student who wants to do its best in the IB.

I got 42 in my IB finals. 

Bianca (Austria)

TEMPERA Subject-Specific Tutoring


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