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Pernille's Story

“I was in 10th grade, after I had repeated the year after some health difficulties, as well as a year adjusting to the IB after being in an AP program my entire life. I struggled to keep up with assignments and projects that the IB required me to complete, such as personal projects and CAS. My parents…

…..had paid for several different tutors to help me overcome these difficulties and catch up with the rest of my grade. But, despite the number of tutors I had and the extra help I was getting at school, I was not really getting any better. 

That’s when I ran into TEMPERA Program.

A parent in school told my mom about it, as “learning coaching”. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect, I was tired of spending all of my time working with tutors that didn’t get me anywhere and I honestly didn’t expect TEMPERA to be any better. 

I was about to enter the IB and I was woefully unprepared, I didn’t want to repeat another grade, I was embarrassed enough I had to do it one time and I didn’t want to do it again. But at that point, I had no self-confidence and I expected the worst from myself. I kept beating myself up inside because of my lack of independence and I honestly thought I was stupid and incompetent. Then, during my first meeting with Ioana, she told me, “I love the IB. And I’m going to make you love it too.” She had me identify my strengths and weaknesses first, the latter which was easy but she also told me that I had a lot of potential and told me I had the possibility of achieving a 40 in the IB. I said to myself: “Now, THAT’s RIDICULOUS!” We started with planning, she gave me so many resources to help me start planning, which at first I thought was annoying but eventually helped me manage my time better. Then, she taught me skills such as how to study, how to plan long-term projects, and how to enjoy the working process. I think part of the reason I learned so well was because of her. I developed a close relationship with Ioana and TEMPERA team that I hadn’t ever had with my other tutors. They made me WANT to learn, WANT to go to tutoring. I felt understood, on a personal level and academic level, which was more to say than most people in my life… At first, I was very reserved with her, I didn’t want to get attached and then have to move on to another tutor, but eventually, I opened up and started trusting her more and more. She taught me how to work, but also taught me how to have fun while working, having me work with the other students and making us laugh and find joy in what we were studying. Today, I finish my work more efficiently, I’ve learned to manage my stress and get good grades far more easily than I used to. I also understand the IB a lot more and what kind of work they ask for, which I realized is a skill one develops over time with practice. I’m in my first year of IB, and I have to say that i am really happy where I am. I’m taking subjects that I like (including psychology which Ioana introduced me to) and I enjoy doing the assessments and understand my teachers. Planning comes naturally to me, I work in advance more than last minute, and I have confidence in my work. I can now better understand what Ioana meant the day she met me, the IB is scary at first, and I wouldn’t say that I love it, but I do enjoy school, which I think is the next best thing to loving the IB.”  

Pernille stayed with our TEMPERA team until the end of 12th grade. She finished her IB exams with a total score of 39 points.

Welcome to TEMPERA EDUcation

At TEMPERA EDUcation, IB experts and psychologists develop strategies for the students’ well being and personal performance.

Both students facing difficulties or high achievers find with us a personalized program for each of them to achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

We create personalized planning for the entire academic year. Achievable goals and constant collaboration with students eliminate the overwhelming feeling and turns IB into success.

Organization of work

Time management and tasks organization. Developing timelines for demanding tasks while keeping away from procrastination and deadline-crisis.

Eficient learning

Increasing students’ knowledge and comprehension in less time. Methods and techniques for targeted intervention for weaker areas.


Psychological tools for self-confidence and motivation. How to approach exams and difficult situations in the best emotional and cognitive state possible.

TEMPERA Framwork

TEMPERA IB Learning Lab

TEMPERA IB Learning Lab is the place where students find the balance between mental (emotional) wellbeing and academic success. Schedule a meeting with us to learn how our framework could boost your success in IB!

IB Revision Courses & Writing Focused Bootcamps

These are intensive three-days, periods, focused on your revising and / or writing needs. Interactive workshops, providing hands-on practice personalized feedback from IB teachers.

Support with diverse learning disabilities

Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to offer the best academic support fitted to individual needs. Some students face more challenges than others, therefore assessment and tailored intervention are a vital aspect in TEMPERA framework.

Our services might be covered by educational grants provided by your employer

What is TEMPERA?

TEMPERA  incorporates tools and methods for efficient learning, but also the context to building self-efficacy and motivation in students. For this reason, it is sustained by three pillars:

  • Organization of work, meaning both time management and tasks organization
  • Methods and techniques for efficient learning (more knowledge and comprehension in less time)
  • Emotional support, how to approach exams and difficult situations in the best emotional and cognitive state possible.

Each of these components is capital in crafting academic success and must be executed together, so that long term results are achieved. 

TEMPERA Framwork

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