Why should your child choose the IBDP?

by | May 6, 2022 | IBDP program

For many years, the IB has been touted as an international curriculum that’s suited for families on the go/families who move internationally often. Families who prefer for their children to study in international schools also naturally, accept the IB as part of the international experience.

However, in recent years, many local families and their kids are choosing to switch to IB curricula. Why is that so? Read on to find out some benefits of choosing the IBDP!

1. Essential life skills

As an internationally accredited curriculum, it needs to check a lot of boxes to fulfil what various countries deem as important and naturally, this makes the IB a challenging route. However, along this journey, students are equipped with many life skills that they wouldn’t necessarily gain from a normal education experience. Besides CAS offering an outlet for students to choose what matters to them, other skills such as time management, stress management and anxiety management are also incorporated within the process as students learn how to manage the demands of a heavier, IB workload.

2. Unique opportunities

Building on the above, people who study the IB usually come from very varied, international backgrounds. By getting the chance to mix and mingle with people from all walks of life, your child is learning to be a person of the world and skills such as how to be sensitive to other cultures, races, and religions. This opportunity and exposure would not necessarily be offered in a homogenous local school. Through CAS, students are also given many opportunities to seek experience in a field they are potentially interested in and try out opportunities in various industries, all while fulfilling the requirements of CAS! This gives each student unique opportunities to learn through practical experience and find out what they truly enjoy.

3. Meaningful experiences

While we are talking about CAS, many students also talk about how they have had meaningful experiences volunteering while fulfilling the Service component of CAS. Memories such as these (Habitat for Humanity in particular, is a really rewarding experience) will stay with your child for a lifetime.

4. Internationally recognized

If we haven’t mentioned yet, the IB allows your child’s education to be recognized almost everywhere in the world. This means you have the freedom to move anywhere in the world. As long as you continue education in an IB school, you don’t have to sit through placement exams or even risk being held back a year, your child’s education is internationally accredited and he/she will be able to pick up exactly where he/she left off.

If you are considering letting your child take the IBDP instead of a normal curriculum, write to us and let’s sit down and have a discussion about how this would work for you/your family!


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