6 Tips to Write the Perfect CAS Reflection

6 Tips to Write the Perfect CAS Reflection

CAS, CAS… oh, where do we begin? There are simply too many times we’ve seen students with their brows furrowed in concentration wondering how or where to start their reflection. To help you, here are some of the questions we like to ask our students. 1. What were your thoughts before and after? For example, […]

3 Ways in Which IB Improves Your Life

The hustle which you are going through during your IB studies is just preparing you for new and exciting life situations. The end of your IBDP is just the beginning of a new chapter! Read on to find out how the IB program can improve your life and develop your character, throughout all the hard […]

4 Tips For a Better Self-Care in the IB

TEMPERA Institute Vienna

Keeping up with IB deadlines, projects and homework can drain you out of energy sometimes. That’s why it’s important to constantly practice self-care. Read on to find out our top 4 tips for looking after yourself in stressful times! Schedule Study and Free Time Balancing study and free time day by day is the secret […]

How to Study Efficiently in the IB

We know the IB isn’t easy and sometimes you can struggle to remain consistent in studies. In this blog post we’ll go through our top 4 tips for how to study more efficiently in the IB

How Can I Support My Child in the IB?

In the high-pressure of the IB program, it’s easy to feel helpless as a parent to an IB student. Your children may experience anxiety about schoolwork, mixed with the inevitable and unique hardships of being a teenager. Even though teens are seeking independence, parental involvement is an important ingredient for academic success. We often receive […]




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