How Can I Support My Child in the IB?

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In the high-pressure of the IB program, it’s easy to feel helpless as a parent to an IB student. Your children may experience anxiety about schoolwork, mixed with the inevitable and unique hardships of being a teenager. Even though teens are seeking independence, parental involvement is an important ingredient for academic success. We often receive questions from parents who are wondering how they can support their child in the IB. Read on to find out some useful guidelines!

Understand The IB

First and foremost, take some time to educate yourself about the core values of the IB. Unquestionably, because of its rigorous academic and personal standards, IB education is unique. If you want to encourage your children to find motivation and self-discipline in themselves, it’s essential to have knowledge about what they are going through in the IB.

The last thing our students need when they are feeling overwhelmed about writing an IA or EE, is a parent asking them to explain what these acronyms mean. To be able to deeply empathize with your children, you have to understand the basics of the IB program. In this manner, you can provide only useful comments about their studying path and can help them to find balance in this special journey.

Acknowledge The Difficulty Of The IB

The IB program challenges students to excel in their studies and in their personal growth. It’s unhealthy to add additional pressure on your child and set unrealistic academic expectations. The IB is an extremely difficult diploma and it’s important to acknowledge that. However, for many students, the issue isn’t necessarily an increase in difficulty, but rather an increase in how time-consuming their work is.

In order to get a healthy perspective on the IB scores in different subjects, discuss with the high school professors and find out which scores are considered bad, average and good. This way, you will avoid adding unnecessary stress on your child. What’s the best you can do is to always show love to your children by listening to their thoughts and frustrations, encouraging good study habits, ensuring quiet time at home or cooking warm tasty meals.

Get Them An Expert to Assist Them

Too many deadlines and IB obligations can lead to misunderstandings and tensions in the family. Without a clear study plan, anxiety, depression or stress can affect your child in the IB program. Don’t hesitate to ask for support! Using our framework T.E.M.P.E.R.A., our experts will assist your child in this unique academic IB journey. We will set together the goals, create a concrete plan for the entire academic year and progress fast in learning. As a result, our students are easily keeping up with the deadlines and are constantly improving their self-confidence.

Moreover, our team of professionals in IB have additional education in the field of psychotherapy. We can help your family to diffuse conflicts and to communicate better. Check our website for more information or contact us at We are looking forward to offering emotional support and intervention strategies for conflict resolution and communication!


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