april revision month

April 1st - May 1st in Person, in Vienna

The bullet learning coaching, just before your IB Finals




Biology HL/SL

Physics HL/SL

Psychology HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Business management HL/SL

Economics HL/SL


This is how t works

April Revision Month Structure

Step 1
Organize all material to be revised and set individual goals for IB Finals.

Step 2
Identify your strengths and weakensses and decide on specific needs to address

Step 3
Start revising, SMART. 
Focus on one subject at a time, ensuring dedicated attention.

April Revision Month Schedule

Depending on your school schedule and the time you wish to dedicate, we will adjust days and hours.

Depending on your learning needs and level of preparation, each student will be assigned to the fitted group.

We will make sure to accomodate your requests while making sure of the  sessions efficiency.



Please register online, using the button below.

We will get back to you with your registration details within 48 hours, including your specific course dates.

For any further information regarding our classes please email us at ib@temperainstitute.com.



Fees will be set individually, depending on level of support needed, the attending frequency and other student-specific requirements.

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