Internal Assessment Retreat

Introducing the IA’s Retreat

We are excited to introduce our transformative IA’s (Internal Assessment) Retreat, meticulously designed to empower your school’s endeavours. This retreat is tailor-made for students who require additional support in their written assessments, ensuring they meet crucial IBDP deadlines. The October break serves as an ideal opportunity for these students to regain momentum under the expert guidance and supervision of experienced writing professionals. The retreat maintains the highest standards of academic integrity and adheres rigorously to IB guidelines.

A Dynamic Learning Experience 

The program commences with personalised discussions with our writing coaches, enabling us to assess each student’s essay progress and specific needs. 

Subsequent days are a balance of 

  • academic writing feedback, 
  • tailored advice from IB subject experts, and 
  • focused individual writing sessions. 

Our experts are readily available to provide insights, suggestions, and guidance, fostering a stress-free environment that promotes productivity.

Remarkable outcomes:

  • overcoming procrastination and finishing your written assignments,
  • mastering the intricacies of IB assessment requirements, 
  • honing essay introduction and conclusion techniques, 
  • cultivating coherent and academic expression, 
  • perfecting structural organisation, 
  • honing research skills, 
  • refining source evaluation, upholding citation integrity
  • gaining access to a wealth of invaluable resources. 


Embracing Integrity and Excellence 

At TEMPERA Institute, academic integrity is paramount. Our steadfast dedication to upholding the highest standards of academic honesty aligns with the stringent regulations set by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). 

The journey of writing becomes an organic and enriching process in this supportive environment.

Essential Details:

  • Location: TEMPERA Institute, 2nd District of Vienna, Austria
  • Module 1: October 26th-28th, 2023
  • Module 2: October 30th – November 1st, 2023
  • IB Subject Experts: Available for both modules
  • Hours: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily (includes a lunch break)
  • Group Size: Limited to 5 students for personalised attention
  • Pizza, snacks and soft healthy drinks on the house
  • Price: €750 for the full 3-day retreat
  • One-Day Trial: Experience a day for €300
  • “Bring a Friend” Discount: Enjoy a 10% discount for both participants

Elevate Your Learning Journey 

Join us on this empowering journey of growth and achievement. Secure your spot today by contacting us at, or fill in the registration form website: Please include the IA topics you wish to work on during this transformative week. 

We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to the TEMPERA Institute.

Important Details

Location 1020, Vienna
Start Date 26-10-23
Start Time 10:00 AM
Registration Deadline 25-10-23
Number of Seats 5
Organized By TEMPERA

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